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Cadência Animatic

Animatic I have done for my final project at Vancouver Film School, with characters that I have created for a pitch, with a important moment of the story I had in mind.

Cupcake & Dino+The Producers

Final project for a storyboard class I had with Israel Santos. We picked the audio of the musical The Producers and created a scene with the characters of Cupcake & Dino.

Mundo Ripilica Season 02 Animatics

Series of animatics of the first show I have worked in the storyboard process. I made most of the episodes of the second season of the show.

Kellogs Jumbo Snax

Storyboard done at Consulado studio for Leo Burnett Chicago agency and it's client Kellog. We made a 30 seconds long animation for a new brand of products called Jumbo Snax,

we took inspirations from 80's and 90's cartoons like Thundercats and Dragon Ball to make a short but action packed video with that retro look. To see the final video click here.

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