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Malagueta is a little dog that I have created and I posted every week it's webcomic in my social networks. Malagueta is a angry stray dog that lives in São Paulo and strives with it's problems in very crazy ways. Its has become a hit in my social networks and quickly became my most well known work. You can check everything here (In portuguese only yet.) Already finished and soon to be published.

Irauna of the amber eye


Irauna of The Amber Eye is a series that I'm currently working  on.. It is a mix of horror and humour that ia about a woman nicknamed Nera, a successful journalist of the mysterious

and paranormal, but she is so deep in the bizarre that she can't find herself in a regular lifestyle. Soon to be published.

ARENA México

Arena México is a zine that I am doing inspired by luchadores movies and my trip to México. Here some pages and concepts.

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